Amazinc! Lip Balm

Amazinc! Lip Balm

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A collection of deeply mouisturising ingredients like beeswax, organic jojoba oil, almond oil and organic olive wire to protect your pout while a gentle vanilla tingle provides a subtle pick-me-up. With the high content of panthenol and Vitamin E, your lips will always be perfect. Keep this one on hand for a serious dose of moisture or sweetness whenever you need it...

About Amazinc!

Amazinc! started in 2015 as a vision of completely natural sunblock that is not only functional, but as well gentle on the skin and the environment.

The goal of Amazinc! skincare is to create range of products that are only natural -  nothing more and nothing less. Products that we can produce and consume for years and years without damaging the environment and our planet.

Why Choose Natural Sunscreen?

Most commercial sun screens use substances that are dangerous for marine life, corals and wild life in general. As far as science goes these days bulk form of zinc oxide is the safest for the environment.

When they say natural they do mean natural. You will find no parabens, no nano particles of heavy metals, no Oxybenzones, Avobenzones, or any other chemicals, that are pollutants and toxicants to our environment. 

How Toxic is Oxybenzone?

Oxybenzone is a chemical compound and it is the most common chemical UV filter used in sun screens today. EWG rated oxybenzone 8/10 on toxicity rating. Translated to regular English: Oxybenzone is one of the most toxic ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

Oxybenzone belongs to a class of chemicals that mimic human hormones and it has been INCREASINGLY linked to problems such as early puberty, low sperm count as well hormone–related cancers.

Scientists have proven that a single drop of Oxybenzone will have an impact on coral in an area equivalent to 6 Olympic size swimming pools. With up to 15 000 tons of sunscreen washed into the sea in popular tourist destinations this represents a GLOBAL environmental problem.

In tests traces of the chemical were detected in user’s urine within 30 minutes after application. Both dolphin and human mothers can transfer oxybenzone to their infants via breastmilk.


Jojoba Oil, Vera Alba, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Dexpanthenol, Vitamin E, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract