Alibals Eco Wax Vegan Wax Melts
Alibals Eco Wax Vegan Wax Melts

Alibals Eco Wax Vegan Wax Melts

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Alibals candles and melts are hand made in Glasgow by the lovely Alex. The environment comes first at Alibals and this is why every aspect of the business tries to reflect this, from the wax used to the way the products are packaged.

Alibals saw that soy was being over-farmed at the moment and around 90% of soy beans grown are used with a damaging and potentially cancer-causing weed killer named Roundup, which contains Glyphosate. As to not contribute to this industry, Alibals started looking for an alternative wax, which is where the rapeseed & coconut blend comes into play. This wax is blended in Europe (compared with soy which is manufactured in America) and consists of only rapeseed and coconut and nothing else.

Each packet comes with 6 magical unicorn wax melts!
These are scented blocks of wax without wicks that you put in a wax warmer. They give off a slight scent when cold and a much stronger scent when melted.

Just pop one in your warmer!