Myroo Squalane Intensive Facial Moisturiser

Myroo Squalane Intensive Facial Moisturiser

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Myroo Skincare is the UK's first totally free from skincare brand. All the products are natural, plant based and vegan. They are free from nuts (all nut products not just edible ones), gluten and dairy. In fact they are free from all 14 food allergens and they don't use any known synthetic irritants.


This 100% Olive Squalane, is a deeply moisturising facial oil.

Easily absorbed to leave skin velvety smooth and soft.

Non irritating, fragrance free and gentle.

Suits all skin types.


How to use

Use up to twice a day. Massage a few drops all over the face and neck, massaging into the skin.  

Myroo Skincare Products are..

Natural products made fresh in small batches

100% plant based

Suitable for all skin types but are specially formulated with sensitive, problem or allergy-prone skin in mind.



Cruelty Free