Rugged Nature Beard Oil 50ml
Rugged Nature

Rugged Nature Beard Oil 50ml

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Rugged Nature Beard Oil is handmade in the UK with only natural ingredients and is cruelty free.

While any and all skin types can benefit from switching to natural skincare, natural products are especially beneficial for people who suffer from skin sensitivities. Skin irritations and sensitivities are often triggered by artificial fragrances, alcohol, parabens and synthetic foaming ingredients, which are all common in traditional skin and hair care products. 

These guys only use raw, unrefined, plant and mineral ingredients that are 100% natural. It's completely paraben free, palm oil free, colourant and preservative free, alcohol free, formalehyde free.


Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Why choose Rugged Nature?

Rugged Nature started as an endeavour to make both eco-conscious and sensitive-skin-friendly hair and grooming products. All while maintaining excellent performance through the entire range that really works for your busy day ahead. The hairstyling clay has been carefully formulated to include only all-natural ingredients which have been tested on students (not animals), manufactured in the UK and fully CPSR tested so you can be sure you are buying a safe, quality product.

PLEASE NOTE that as a natural product all of these scents are extremely mild, designed to scent the product, not the user!

Check ingredients carefully, if allergic to one or any of the ingredients do not use. Test on an inconspicuous section of hair first. if you experience any reaction, do not use and rinse with warm water immediately. For external use only, do not ingest, if the product is ingested seek medical attention taking the container with you. Keep out of the reach of children.