Desiccated Organic Coconut
Autumn Wren

Desiccated Organic Coconut

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Consider the Coconut, Consider its leaves, Each part of the Coconut is all we need. 

Well, Maybe not, but it's a very catch song. 

We sell organic desiccated coconut in store and online. desiccated coconut is essentially grated coconut 'meat' as it is called. Its the tasty white bit which is used in coconut ice, macaroons, cakes, sweets and truffles. 

In store you can purchase organic desiccated coconut in your own re-usable containers or you can take it home in one of our paper bags and decant into your own container. 
Purchases online will be delivered in a sealed, recyclable, paper bag and we recommend placing it in an air tight container.

Sold online in 100g bags.

The best before date will be marked on your package.