Hospital Heroes Building Blocks
Hospital Heroes Building Blocks

Hospital Heroes Building Blocks

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Roarie’s wooden building blocks comes in beautiful modern multi-pastel colours and varying shapes and sizes. A unique and eye-appealing wooden design made of high quality Samak wood to pass the test of time.

Three hospital hero characters included to allow for the important development of free play, imagination and story-telling. Armed with a stethoscope, Doctor Naomi and Nurse Isaac are here to save the day! Perfect opportunity to teach 1 to 4 year olds about healthcare and engage in role-playing.


All three characters are diverse in their perceived ethnicity. These are fantastic multicultural details to add to every child’s toy collection. Experts agree that a diverse toy collection will help raise children who are open-minded, tolerant and accepting of themselves and others.


Kids building blocks are an integral toy in babies development because it helps to exercise balance, use fine motor skills, sorting skills and hand-eye coordination. The blocks are free parts, so can be built in whatever shape a child can dream up. Try building a hospital and playing Doctors and Nurses!


Roarie’s wooden blocks are fully certified with CE safety. The wooden blocks are softly curved to avoid small cuts and are printed with water-based non-toxic paint. Suitable for children 18 + months. Adult supervision is recommended.

Stylishly Roarie branded recyclable box, perfect for gifts!

Dimensions 22 x 14.8 x 8.6 cm

Weight 1.75 kg.