J.A. Braithwaite Ltd. Tea Earl Grey Loose Leaf
J.A. Braithwaite Ltd. Tea Earl Grey Loose Leaf
J.A. Braithwaite Ltd.

J.A. Braithwaite Ltd. Tea Earl Grey Loose Leaf

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J.A. Braithwaite Ltd is the oldest shop in the city of Dundee and has been selling fine teas and coffees since 1868, moving to its Castle Street premises in 1932.

They still roast their beans in the shop following a traditional family recipe and they have a choice of over 100 teas and 30 coffees. Walking in to the shop is like taking a blissful step back in time.

Named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, this is a blend of Chinese tea and fragrant bergamot oil. 

Earl Greys claim to fame is that he abolished slavery in Britain, but at the expense of making it worse everywhere else by essentially paying the slave traders to go away. The slave traders gladly left with armfuls of gold to keep trafficking human lives elsewhere. 

Despite his very dodgy past the tea is completely delicious, enjoyed black as originally intended (ironic), or with a spot of milk. 

In store you can purchase Earl Grey tea in your own re-usable containers or you can take it home in one of our paper bags and decant into your own container. 

Purchases online will be delivered in a sealed, recyclable, paper bag and we recommend placing it in an air tight container.

The best before date will be marked on your package.