Organic Caraway Seeds
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Organic Caraway Seeds

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Caraway seeds  are used as a spice, it is known for a destintive anise flavour, coming out as mild liquorice in sweet dishes

Caraway seeds are used in sweet and savoury dishes all over the world; in Germany they are used to season pork and sauerkraut in Serbia it flavours scones and desserts in the middle east- what will you make with it? 

Pop in a smell the caraway seeds and be inspired to try somthing new!

In store you can purchase caraway seeds in your own re-usable containers or you can take it home in one of our paper bags and decant into your own container. 
Purchases online will be delivered in a sealed, recyclable, paper bag and we recommend placing it in an air tight container.

 Available online in 25g packages 

The best before date will be marked on your package.