Soft Light Brown Sugar
Autumn Wren

Soft Light Brown Sugar

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Soft light Brown Sugar.

Brilliant for baking, putting in coffee and topping a nice creme brûlée..... Unless you live in the late 19th century:

In the late 19th century, the newly consolidated refined white sugar industry, which did not have full control over brown sugar production, mounted a smear against brown sugar, reproducing microscopic photographs of harmless but repulsive-looking microbes living in brown sugar. The effort was so successful that by 1900, a best-selling cookbook warned that brown sugar was of inferior quality and was susceptible to infestation by "a minute insect".

Thankfully we now known the value of this delicious ingredient.

In store you can purchase soft light brown sugar in your own re-usable containers or you can take it home in one of our paper bags and decant into your own container. 
Purchases online will be delivered in a sealed, recyclable, paper bag and we recommend placing it in an air tight container.

Available online in 250g packages.

The best before date will be marked on your package.