Tiree Tea Crofter Breakfast Tea
Tiree Tea Crofter Breakfast Tea
Tiree Tea Crofter Breakfast Tea
Tiree Tea

Tiree Tea Crofter Breakfast Tea

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Crofter Breakfast Tea

Crofter Breakfast Tea is a versatile blend equally suited to any time of day. Leaving it in a teapot on the stove to stew for a couple of hours is traditional, but entirely optional.

Hints of: baler-twine and marauding livestock

60g (20 teabags) 

Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea, Kenyan Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea.

Brew for 3 mins in 100 degree water

About Tiree Tea

Tiree Tea is owned by Rhoda Meek who is permanently based in the Isle of Tiree, where they work from home as a Product Manager for a software company, run a croft, grow veg and do the odd spot of fishing.

Although not yet grown on Tiree, the blends are completely unique, and owned by Tiree Tea And packing of the teabags into the packets, and the application of the labels, is done in Tiree.

100% biodegradable and plastic free. The pouches are degradable within 12-24 months in the general waste stream

The artwork is done by Catriona Black of Black Prints.