ZAO Foundation Brush

ZAO Foundation Brush

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The foundation brush is suitable for use with both the Compact Foundation and Silk Foundation, enabling easy and precise application. An indispensable tool for a makeup case, it corrects imperfections naturally and enables controlled blending, thus avoiding the "mask effect". 

Tip: for a more natural result, apply foundation to the centre of the face and blend outwards.

Handle material: Bamboo

Hairs material: Synthetic

ZAO have chosen synthetic hairs rather than natural ones, because we refuse to facilitate the wounding or killing of an animal for the manufacturing of our make-up brushes.

About Zao

There is no need to choose between quality or organic make-up every way Zao Make-Up has developed a range of Make-Up that is equal to if not better than conventional cosmetics, while respecting nature and your health.

Inspired by Asia, Bamboo is at the heart of Zao Make Up. Due to it's exceptional growth rate, it is a carbon capture champion during its life-cycle and it allows Zao to have a reduced carbon footprint. Bamboo is also in many of their Make-Up formulas as it is rich in organic silica, which participates in the process of producing collagen and preserves the elasticity of tissues.

Zao Products are..

100% of natural origin

Obtained by a non-polluting method.

Certified Organic - free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, minimising soil and groundwater pollution, protecting biodiversity and taking care of your health.


Cruelty Free

Use sustainable packaging


Working on becoming a plastic free brand.

Only contains hypoallergenic and 100% natural fragrances

Zao Products are Free From...

Petrochemical Derivatives

Synthetic preservatives








Synthetic dyes